Clinton poised for big win in Puerto Rico primary

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Continuing our coverage of the 2016 Elections March-April Puerto Rico poll, today we present the results regarding the presidential race in the US territory. As expected, Democrats dominate, in particular Hillary Clinton, who looks like the likely winner of the June 5 contest. Registered voters were asked during March and April, that if they had a vote, which of the then-candidates for the US presidency would they prefer.

When compared to all candidates, Clinton still emerged with a strong lead.

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With 57.8% of the votes, Hillary clearly has a strong lead over other opponents. In second place, we can see fellow Senator Bernie Sanders with 30% of the total vote. If we add the Democrat vote, we get a total of 87.8%. That is a huge number compared to the total of 2% for the Republicans (the poll was conducted prior to Donald Trump effectively clinching the Republican nomination).

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Like on most polls on other online channels, Clinton got the lead in votes in our poll, as well.

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In the poll, we asked whether registered voters would choose between Cruz or Clinton, and there were less votes for Clinton than in the previous question where we asked about Trump vs. Clinton contest. Hillary’s vote decreased from 85.7% to 85% and the percentage of the second candidate remained the same at 1.4%.  As expected, the undecided and the None of the above votes were very similar.

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Hillary’s share of the vote was almost equal to her vote count when she was facing any of the Republican candidates, and the Undecided and None of the above were also pretty much equal to the previous one. 

Under the supposition that Puerto Rico was a state, with 5 electoral votes in the 2016 Presidential election, you could count them in the solid Democrat column.

As for June 5, we can expect a solid Clinton victory that hands her most of the 60 pledged delegates at stake in the primary. Before then, we will conduct one more poll before June 5 and will release those results as a last snapshot of the electorate prior to voting, so stay tuned; but do not expect much change.

Extended Results & Analysis

For an extended look at the results, including data analysis and corrections based on voter behavior, download the presidential questions results:

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