4 Guilty in 1 of Puerto Rico’s Biggest Corruption Cases

by Oct 7, 2016Bocaítos0 comments

The ongoing Anaudi Hernandez corruption case’s latest trial ended with all four of the accused being found guilty on all charges by a federal grand jury.

Ivonne Falcon, a former vice president of Puerto Rico’s heavily indebted water and sewer company and Sally Lopez, a former director of the island’s Administration of Labor Development, were found guilty of charges including bribery and conspiracy to commit electronic fraud. They could get up to 80-100 years in prison.

Falcon’s sister, Marielis Falcon, and Glenn Omar Rivera, who worked in the administrative office of the island’s House of Representatives, were also found guilty.

At the center of the scheme was businessman Anaudi Hernandez, a one-time campaign fundraiser for the governor’s Popular Democratic Party. He was accused of offering public officials items such as expensive meals, fountain pens and concert tickets in exchange for political favors and government contracts. He has since pleaded guilty after also being accused of using his connections with high-ranking government officials, including the brother of Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla, to appoint people to certain positions.

According to prosecutors however, this is not the last of the cases to come, with more accusations in sight involving more PDP officials.