Puerto Rico’s September 26 political week in tweets

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Puerto Rico Fiscal Control Board Agenda for 9/30/16

On September 30th, Puerto Rico’s newly formed Oversight Board commenced its first meeting in New York to elect a chairperson, adopt bylaws, and request an “fiscal plan” from the island’s governor.


Pierluisi announces $34 Million in federal funds for six Puerto Rico universities

Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi announced that a total of $34 million in federal funding by the US Department of Education will be awarded to six Puerto Rico Universities. In efforts to encourage Hispanic and low-income students to pursue STEM majors, funding will be provided to the Hispanic Serving Institutions Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program in the course of the next five years.


Puerto Rico undergoing an agricultural renaissance

The US territory of Puerto Rico is observing an agricultural renaissance in midst of its debt crisis. Farming has become one area of growth the island is experiencing since its recession as new farms are spreading throughout the island, and has been growing to meet the demands


Clinton manhandles Trump in first Presidential Debate of 2016

The 2016 Presidential debate that took place on the night of September 26th left Hillary Clinton with a clear-cut win–taking apart her Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, with expert precision. Though it is rare to have an obvious winner in these presidential debates, Clinton’s visible confidence juxtaposed to Trump’s often incoherent statements and murmurs allowed the Democratic nominee to claim victory that night.


Reports of Trump doing business in Cuba shifts Cuban-Americans away from Republican Party

A recent report has stated Donald Trump’s corporation spent over $68,000 in Cuba on a 1998 business trip without the necessary Treasury license to do so. This raises the possibility that Trump may have violated US laws. On top of that, Cuban-Americans have been shifting from their historically Republican roots in the past few years. According to the Pew Research Center, 47 percent now say that they identify with or lean towards the Republican Party, when just a decade ago, nearly two thirds of Cuban-Americans did.