Puerto Rico’s January 23-29, 2017 political week in tweets

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Labor Transformation and Flexibility Act Approved

January 26 marked the signing of the Labor Transformation and Flexibility Act by Puerto Rico’s governor. Among other key points, the act provides a list of employee rights and responsibilities on the island, also raising the minimum number of hours an employee has to work in a week.


Two Employees Fired at Puerto Rico VA in One Week

The past week at the Puerto Rico Veterans Affairs facility has been an eventful one, as two high-profile employees (who have been under investigation for weeks) were told to leave. Both the CEO of the Puerto Rican VA Hospital and another employee previously convicted of armed robbery who continued to work were fired.


Possible Renewed Congressional Action on Puerto Rico?

After the Puerto Rico Assistant Act, a bill addressing the financial situation in Puerto Rico, was given to the Senate in December of 2015, the bill was read by the Senate but not passed. However, the bill is hopefully coming back to national attention as it is on the agenda for the 115th session of Congress.


Trump Signs Executive Order to Help Out U.S. Businesses

President Trump signed his twelfth executive order in 11 days Monday morning, the order saying that for every new regulation a federal agency puts on businesses, two must be taken away, to not only clear out outdated regulations but also alleviate pressures on U.S. businesses.