US Territories’ July 29-August 4, 2019 news week in tweets

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Choir Breaks Out Singing During Demonstrations in Puerto Rico

On the steps of the Catedral Metropolitana Basilica de San Juan Bautista, a choir broke out in song during demonstrations in Puerto Rico. Many of the political demonstrators joined in song with the choir.

Puerto Rico’s Leadership is Up in the Air

Governor Ricardo Rosselló leaving office has seen Pedro Pierluisi rise to the role of governor. Demonstrations in front of the Governor’s mansion and the expectation of lawsuits have added uncertainty to Pedro Pierluisi’s role as governor.

Department of Justice Indicates There May Evidence to Suggest Crimes Were Committed by the Governor and his Associates

The Puerto Rico Department of Justice has informed the Independent Special Prosecutor that there is evidence suggesting that crimes were committed by the Governor and his associates over a leak of a group chat that has forced Governor Ricardo Rosselló out of office.

The US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Will Have to Wait on Billions in Disaster Aid

HUD has made billions in disaster aid available for states and territories recently hit by natural disasters. However, the $9 billion in aid set for the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico has an unspecified timeline for distribution due to HUD’s concerns of misuse of funds.

Construction of New Marine Corps Base in Guam Continues to Unearth Historic Sites

The construction of new Marine Corps Base in Guam continues to unearth historic sites. Activists, locals and the governor have pleaded for construction to stop so the sites can be studied, but so far the construction continues.

Anger in American Samoa Over Rugby Donation to Manu Samoa

American Samoa donated $100,000 to Manu Samoa’s bid for the Rugby World Cup. Criticism has quickly followed as there has been a freeze on overtime pay and American Samoa’s Rugby federation has not received promised funds. There is growing anger that the government’s kind gesture towards Manu Samoa has put the territory’s finances in a bind.

The Northern Mariana Islands Military History

The Northern Mariana Islands played a significant role in the US’s military campaigns in the Pacific theater during World War Two.