Puerto Rico to hold Democratic presidential primary in March

by Aug 6, 2019Elections0 comments

As one of his final acts in office, former Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló (NPP, D) signed Senate Bill 1323 on August 2, which moves-up the date of the Democratic presidential primary from the first Sunday in June to the last Sunday in March.

“This law intends to bring national attention to Puerto Rico, especially in the upcoming Democratic primaries. Currently, the primary is to be held in June, which reduces the impact we may have. By making Puerto Rico an early voting state, candidates will be forced to pay attention to our needs”, said former Governor Rosselló.

The Republican primaries will continue to be held on the last Sunday in February.

Rosselló explained that by changing the date of the presidential primaries, Puerto Rico becomes more relevant as each party elects their presidential nominee.

“This legislative measure provides the opportunity to put Puerto Rico on the radar of potential presidential candidates in the Democratic Party. The candidates will not only pay attention to Puerto Rico but will have to clearly estipulate their positions regarding the issues that affect the island”, concluded Rosselló.