US Territories’ July 22-28, 2019 news week in tweets

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Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló to Resign 

After weeks of protest in San Juan Governor Ricardo Rosselló is set to resign in the coming weeks. Investigations into corruption by the FBI and a leak of private messages between Rosselló and his cabinet tipped the people of Puerto Rico to mass demonstrations demanding his resignation. 

Cloud of Uncertainty and Suspicion Shrouds Puerto Rico’s Governor to be Wanda Vazquez 

Due to the resignation of Puerto Rico’s Governor Riccardo Rossello and others in his administration, Puerto Rico’s new Governor will be Wanda Vazquez. There is a cloud of uncertainty over her swearing-in as investigations over corruption could be coming in the near future. 

The US Virgin Islands Plan to Integrate Departments in Aim to Reduce Response to Medical Emergencies 

The US Virgin Islands Department of Health, Virgin Islands Fire Service and the Office of the Governor are moving forward to integrate the Department of Health’s (DOH) Emergency Medical Service (EMS) with the Virgin Islands Fire Service to form the Virgin Islands Fire and Emergency Medical Service (VIFEMS). The hope is that the merging of departments will reduce the response time to medical emergencies. 

Guam Ranks Last in Per Capita Medical Spending by the VA 

The people of Guam are three times more likely to serve in the armed forces than the rest of the country. Yet, in 2012, the VA spent the least amount of money per capita in Guam. 

American Samoa donates $250,000 tala to Manu Samoa in Support of Their World Cup campaign in Japan 

The government of American Samoa has donated $250,000 tala to Manu Samoa to help support their Rugby World Cup campaign in Japan this September. 

Legislation Looks to Expand Compensation for People Exposed to Nuclear Fallout in Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and the Western US 

The legislation is looking to expand compensation for those exposed to nuclear fallout due to testing and uranium mining. The program would be extended to 2045 and the timeframe for those exposed while working in the uranium industry would be extended to December 31, 1990.