Puerto Rico’s September 25-October 1, 2017 political week in tweets

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Maria recovery efforts need Congressional help

Democrats in Congress are trying to get Republicans to help Puerto Rico.


People in need of water and food

This picture went viral after people turned to the streets to post messages asking for help due to the lack of water and food.


Aid stuck in ports

Despite the outpouring of support, much of the aid sent to Puerto Rico did not make it to the hands of those in need. Thousands of containers were stuck in ports due to a lack of trucks and drivers to transport them across the US territory.


Central mountainous region of Puerto Rico severely devastated

While all of Puerto Rico experienced the effects of Hurricane Maria, the central mountainous region was especially battered.


Donald Trump attacks San Juan Mayor

The President of the United States took to Twitter to attack San Juan’s Mayor, Carmen Yulin (PDP), after she was on tv asking for more help, and condemning a slow, structurally inefficient federal response.