US Territories’ February 21-27, 2022 news week in tweets

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US Territories received major infrastructure funds

Puerto Rico and the US territories will receive over $1.4 billion for funds to improve highways and roads.

Guam signs Sister City agreement with Taichung City, Taiwan 

Taichung and Guam furthered their diplomatic relationships by signing a sister city agreement. Guam Governor Leon Guerrero believes that this agreement will help the economy of Guam and will promote healthcare, tourism, and education.

COVID is still a threat to the Northern Mariana Islands

Eight people were hospitalized with COVID this past Wednesday in the Northern Mariana Islands. The islands report there were also an additional 256 confirmed cases of COVID on Wednesday. 

Governor Announces Major US Virgin Islands Study 

The study plans to assess workforce needs and identity training in hopes of providing recommendations on how the island can improve its workforce.

Pasquines Draws Attention to the US Territories 

Pasquines was recognized by US News as a news organization that works to end the disconnect between the US territories and the inland states.