Puerto Rico’s July 10-16, 2017 political week in tweets

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Puerto Rico: not included in voter data request

Trump administration decided to create a voter fraud commission. To achieve this, they will be needing race, age and a set of other private information. Puerto Ricans were not even included or asked to be included in this commission.

Division of Puerto Rican development bank

The Government Development Bank’s officials are satisfied that they are “one step closer” to restructuring the Puerto Rican economy by making a deal that would cut down more than $5 billion debt. Meaning that they would enact the VI Promesa plan which would split the bank’s assets between depositors and lenders, in an effort to save.


People power gentrification

An enlightening case about the struggle of gentrification in Puerto Rico.  The Caño Martín Peña community, an urbanization near the canal, is facing huge ecological problems. Flooding, as well as as sewage and the result of it, impacting the health of the 26,000 residents living there. The community has tried speaking up through street art and graffitis, but at the same time they fear that if the government were to help their living situation, (which they haven’t for the longest time) they would restructure it and do improvements that would cost them their price of life. The problem with this is that as the rain falls or any change in the climate happens, the situation only grows worse. The community has been struggling and acting as a team to fund a way to solve its water flooding issues.


Marijuana to help Puerto Rican economy

“We are working to create an effective legal framework for the patients and the medicinal marijuana industry, for legislation with the input of all the experts on the topic.” said Governor Rossello.

He claims that the Marijuana industry and more specifically the medicinal cannabis will bring more than 50 million dollars, monthly to the island. To start this process he recently signed a Law where cancer patients and patients suffering from other critical and strong diseases can get away with possessing any type of Marijuana. While still keeping it illegal for any recreational use. Even though in Puerto Rico pharmaceutical companies don’t pay taxes, the ones in the cannabis industry would still have to.