Puerto Rico’s October 16-22, 2017 political week in tweets

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Tesla’s Powerpacks Are Sent to Puerto Rico

Tesla’s initiative to bring back power to Puerto Rico has begun successfully. Tesla’s Powerpack will be a huge aid in larger parts of Puerto Rico “by working with the electric utilities and combining the energy storage systems with solar farms of other renewable energy sources”. With 80% of Puerto Rico still without power, this marks a significant advancement for some residents in Puerto Rico.


Community Groups, Relief Brigades, and Aid in Puerto Rico

Community-based groups have organized into de-facto relief brigades calling for help to the greater general public. Community leaders have expressed concerns over “taking over the responsibilities of the state” and therefore are doing all they can to help each other. Meanwhile, help across the mainland has been arriving in most communities providing supplies, food, water, and volunteer support.


Trumps Gives Himself a 10 out of 10

A reporter asked Trump what he would give himself for his response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico answering: “I give ourselves a 10… We have provided so much, so fast. We were actually there before the storm hit.”


Public Gives him a 10 out of 100

While POTUS believes his response to Hurricane Maria has been a 10, in reality, Puerto Rico is still in need of extreme help. The general situation is still tense and Puerto Ricans are forced to find quick solutions to survive daily. Alejandro Padilla tweeted an image of a surgery being performed using cell phones and flashlights for light demonstrating to POTUS his lack of help.


Giant Balloons Provide Digital Connectivity in Puerto Rico

Project Loon launched on October 20th sending balloon-powered internet for some Puerto Rican residents. The balloon’s main goal is to provide basic communication and internet for those with LTE enabled phones. While the project is still being tested for its best usage, Project Loon expects to provide some connectivity and hopes to develop the project further.


Quick Summary of Federal Government Efforts

The Federal government continues to release statements of support and calls for its citizens to help. First Lady Melania Trump released a video spot in which she encourages continued support for Puerto Ricans and asks for volunteering efforts. FEMA allocated $5,275,000 to municipalities in the island, $1,000,000 to the national guard, and $171, 2000, 000 to Electric Power Authority.