US Territories’ November 12-18, 2018 news week in tweets

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Media Outlets Barely Cover Super Typhoon Yutu

Super Typhoon devastated the Northern Mariana Islands, leaving thousands of homes destroyed and without power. Despite this, many news outlets have barely covered the results of the typhoon. The lack of coverage may prevent the territory from receiving the assistance it needs.

Bank of Guam Donates To Yutu Relief

The Bank of Guam donated $100,000 to help the community recover after Super Typhoon Yutu. They have also donated to the Ayuda Foundation to airlift medical supplies to patients.

Trump Wants to Stop Providing Relief Funds to Puerto Rico

Donald Trump asked Congress to stop providing relief and reconstruction money to Puerto Rico. After misreading an article, he believed Puerto Rico was misusing the funds to pay its debt. However, there have been no signs or claims of mismanagement other than from Trump himself.

Dengue Outbreak Coming to End

An epidemiologist from American Samoa’s Department of Health says the dengue outbreak, which began in March 2017, is coming to an end. The mosquito containment measures have been effective. There were no positive cases in October.

Light Earthquake Hits US Virgin Islands

A 4.9 earthquake struck Charlotte Amalie in the US Virgin Islands. The light tremor occurred on November 14 around 12PM UTZ.