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Author: Mina Choe

US Territories’ November 26-December 2, 2018 news week in tweets

Contingency Response Group from Air Force Aids Northern Mariana Islands in Recovery |@PACAF’s 36th Contingency Response Group, based in #Guam, has been running back-to-back disaster relief missions since October 4th, responding to an earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia and Super-Typhoon Yutu in the Northern Mariana Islands — U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (@INDOPACOM) November 28, 2018 The 36th Contingency Response Group from Anderson Air Force Base in Guam has been deployed to help the Northern Mariana Islands as they recover from Super Typhoon Yutu. They helped relocate displaced people and fly in recovery supplies the people desperately needed. Students...

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US Territories’ November 19-25, 2018 news week in tweets

Guest Workers Unable to Receive Aid After Super Typhoon Yutu Sonny Raguindin is among at least a few thousand residents of the Northern Mariana Islands who lost their homes in Super Typhoon Yutu and are ineligible for some forms of recovery assistance because of their immigration status. — NBC News (@NBCNews) November 21, 2018 This year, over 8,000 guest workers received special permits to work in the Northern Mariana Islands. Because of their immigration status, these guest workers are unable to receive aid after Super Typhoon Yutu devastated the islands. Scientists Work to Save Puerto Rican Parrots Biologists...

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US Territories’ November 12-18, 2018 news week in tweets

Media Outlets Barely Cover Super Typhoon Yutu Super Typhoon Yutu: What the Mainstream Media Missed Weeks ago, Super Typhoon Yutu devastated the Northern Mariana Islands, which are home to tens of thousands of Americans. Mainland outlets paid little attention. – The Atlantic — ☮️ 🕊 🌎 Tmarie 💙 (@Syr829) November 16, 2018 Super Typhoon devastated the Northern Mariana Islands, leaving thousands of homes destroyed and without power. Despite this, many news outlets have barely covered the results of the typhoon. The lack of coverage may prevent the territory from receiving the assistance it needs. Bank of Guam Donates...

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US Territories’ November 5-11, 2018 news week in tweets

Dressed in Mexican Garb, Follies Makes Light of Puerto Rican Debt Crisis So #financialfollies put on a song and dance routine with people dressed in Mexican garb making light of Puerto Rico's debt crisis. I don't know where to begin here. — Alex Wolf (@awolf86) November 10, 2018 At the Financial Follies of 2018, held by the New York Financial Writers’ Association, a group dressed in Mexican costumes danced to make light of Puerto Rico’s debt crisis. Many people tweeted against their actions and ignorance. Remembering The US Virgin Islands’ Compassion for Jewish Refugees during World War 2...

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US Territories’ October 29-November 4, 2018 news week in tweets

Puerto Rico Creates Committee to Improve Disaster Protocols Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rossello, created the 9/20 Committee. It’s goal is to implement recommendations from the George Washington University study that found the official death toll of 2,975. The committee hopes to avoid the loss of life during natural and man-made disasters and efficiently and effectively count deaths from disasters. FreshMinistries to Launch Aquaponics in US Virgin Islands to End Hunger FreshMinistries is a non profit organization which hopes to end world hunger. They will launch global aquaponics, efficient fish and produce cultivation systems, in the US Virgin...

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