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Author: Mina Choe

US Territories’ June 25-July 1, 2018 news week in tweets

Jenniffer González-Colón Introduces Bill to Make Puerto Rico a State by 2021 #PuertoRico @repJenniffer González Colón has filed a bill the make the US territory the 51st state by 2021. — Pasquines (@Pasquines_US) June 28, 2018 Jenniffer González-Colón introduced the Puerto Rico Admission Act of 2018, seeking to propel Puerto Rico’s journey towards statehood. 34 members of Congress are cosponsors of the bill. Wide support for the bill results from the inequality seen in the aid provided to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma and Maria. After the transitions toward statehood are made, the President of the United...

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US Territories’ June 17-24, 2018 news week in tweets

Puerto Rico Legislators Refuse to Repeal Law Protecting Workers Puerto Rico defies board over law protecting workers — The San Juan Post (@TheSanJuanPost) June 22, 2018 Governor Ricardo Rosselló told the oversight board that his administration would repeal a law that protects workers from unjust firings. The board will not eliminate a Christmas bonus or reduce sick and vacation for the repeal of the law in hopes of helping Puerto Rico recover from a recession. The Senate President, Thomas Rivera Schatz, said that most of the legislators do not want a repeal the law. Senator Janelle Sarauw Speaks...

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US Territories’ June 11-17, 2018 news week in tweets

Puerto Rico Officials under investigation for Corruption During Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico Officials Investigated for Corruption During Hurricane Relief via @epochtimes — Will McFarland (@McFarland69Will) June 14, 2018 The FBI is investigating various suppliers for alleged corruption in the provision of hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. The current administration of San Juan is also under investigation. There were reports that local corruption was preventing the distribution of supplies and that these supplies were being held at ports. The US military stepped in and allocated supplies themselves. FEMA Delays for Relief in Puerto Rico Investigated Wow, FEMA’s handling of...

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US Territories’ June 4-10, 2018 news week in tweets

Puerto Rico Ordered to Release Death Records BREAKING: Puerto Rico ordered to release death records to @CNN and @cpipr. We sued for this data while investigating the toll of Hurricane Maria. Judge orders PR govt to send info w/in seven days. Only social security numbers should be redacted. — John D. Sutter (@jdsutter) June 5, 2018 Puerto Rico Superior Court Judge Lauracelis Roques Arroyo ruled that the death records are public information and must be released to journalists, who previously were blocked from obtaining death mortality data. A Harvard study released last week stated the death toll may...

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US Territories’ May 28 – June 3, 2018 week in tweets

Supporters of the legalization of marijuana promote benefits Supporters of a bill to legalize marijuana use in the CNMI said that decriminalizing the weed would be beneficial for the Commonwealth. — Saipan Tribune (@saipantribune01) May 31, 2018 A bill to legalize marijuana in the CNMI is on the floor of the Senate. Sensible CNMI, a pro-marijuana group, has outlined the benefits of legalizing marijuana, stating that the bill would open a new industry which can generate income for the islands. Legalization would also enable people to more easily afford marijuana for medical purposes. Puerto Rico downsizes schools by...

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