US Territories’ January 14-20, 2019 news week in tweets

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Trump Attempts to Redirect Disaster Relief Funding From Puerto Rico

Trump believed that Puerto Rico would misuse relief funds to pay its debts. He attempted to redirect disaster assistance money to Texas and Florida. However the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development refused to let the money be redirected and ensured Puerto Rico would receive all of the funding the territory needed.

American Samoa Delegate Condemns Shutdown, Condones Border Wall

American Samoa Delegate Aumua Amata agrees a deal must be made to stop the government shutdown and agrees with Donald Trump’s stance that a wall should be built along the American-Mexican border. She states that American Samoa controls their own immigration, and that the mainland should do the same.

Medical Marijuana Legal In US Virgin Islands

The governor of the US Virgin Islands signed into law a bill which legalizes the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes. Patients suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, and other medical conditions will be able to receive medical marijuana, if advised by a doctor.

United States Australian Navy Begin Anti-Submarine Exercises in Guam

United States and Australian militaries are beginning their annual anti-submarine exercise in Guam. Guam is considered a tempting target if a conflict with North Korea or China arises.

Super Typhoon Yutu One of the Largest Storms to Hit A US Territory

Super Typhoon Yutu is the largest typhoon that has hit the Northern Mariana Islands. The relief funds could reach $100 million. This is the third natural disaster that has sent a US territory into a humanitarian crisis.