US Territories’ November 26-December 2, 2018 news week in tweets

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Contingency Response Group from Air Force Aids Northern Mariana Islands in Recovery

The 36th Contingency Response Group from Anderson Air Force Base in Guam has been deployed to help the Northern Mariana Islands as they recover from Super Typhoon Yutu. They helped relocate displaced people and fly in recovery supplies the people desperately needed.

Students Showcase Underwater Robotics at Workshop in American Samoa

At the first Underwater Robotics workshop in American Samoa, high school students from Michigan demonstrated an underwater remotely operated vehicle. They hope to use it to find three airplanes that were reported missing in action during World War 2.

Senator Pressing FEMA for Paying High Prices on Puerto Rico Recovery Supplies

Senator Michael Enzi of Wyoming is pressing the Federal Emergency Management Agency to explain the high costs of the supplies and labor being used to help rebuild Puerto Rico. He is concerned that the money for repairs is not being used effectively and properly.

Abandoned Pets from US Virgin Islands Find Homes in the Mainland

Ever since Hurricane Maria, there has been an increase of unwanted pets in the US Virgin Islands. Pet’s With Wings, a Humane Society program, helps transport the pets to rescue groups and shelters in the mainland who have a shortage of adoptable animals. To help control the pet population, the program encourages owners to get their animals spayed and neutered.

Tropical Storm Man-yi Passes Guam

Guam had multiple tropical storm warnings throughout last week, as Tropical Storm Man-Yi passed by Micronesia. Man-yi then moved towards Japan as it continued to weaken.