US Territories’ January 25-31, 2021 news week in tweets

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Puerto Rico officials continue to hope for statehood

“Governor Pedro Pierluisi (NPP, D) and Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González-Colón (NPP, R)  said they believed they can build bipartisan support for a statehood measure in the House this year, though both acknowledged the uphill fight such a bill would face in the Senate.”

2 doctors sue Guam’s attorney general over abortion rights.

There is no legal way to obtain an abortion in Guam. Anyone seeking an abortion must fly to Hawaii, a 4,000-mile journey. Two Hawaii doctors with the American Civil Liberties Union, are suing on behalf of their patients. 

Delegate Aumua Amata writes to President Biden, requesting aid

The Samoan representative requested aid with covid relief along with the need for medical, environmental, economic, and educational support.

Washington Times op-ed discusses Northern Mariana Islands success with COVID strategy. 

The small island nation began screening airline passengers in January 2020, setting up isolation units at the airport. In March, a task was put together, and schools were closed. Information was spread quickly, and residents complied with regulations. 

Mike Pence seen vacationing in US Virgin Islands

The former Vice President has previously claimed to feel unsafe due to the actions of Donald Trump. Soon after leaving office, Pence was seen avoiding the spotlight with a trip to the US Virgin Islands.