US Territories’ February 1-7, 2021 news week in tweets

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Puerto Rico begins planning for 2022 budget

The Puerto Rican Governor submitted a proposed budget on February 2.

Northern Mariana Islands still have not fully recovered from typhoons that struck the islands in 2018

According to a new federal report, the islands have not fully recovered from the typhoons. Only 30% of damaged homes have been fully repaired.

American Samoa is awaiting the arrival of the first group of residents stranded in the US states because of the Covid-19 pandemic

Residents were stranded in Hawaii and other states due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On February 2, US Marshals, Court Security Officers, and Federal Protective Services were awarded commendations for efforts during the COVID-19 and civil disturbances in the US Virgin Islands

Chief US Circuit Court Judge D. Brooks Smith presided over the hearing.

Nonprofit in Guam seeks assistance to continue its mission

Island Girl Power has “programs that teach girls life skills, from a thrift store that provides affordable clothing, shoes and household items, to community gardens that allow families to work together to plant and harvest fruits and vegetables for their homes.” The organization is seeking donations at