US Territories’ November 4-10, 2019 news week in tweets

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Protest in Puerto Rico over university system budget cuts

Puerto Ricans have assembled outside of the Governor’s mansion to protest budget cuts to the territory’s University system. The group, which is composed of students, professors, and citizens, is also demanding a higher minimum wage.

Puerto Rican Senate to vote on amending the Civil Code, which could impact LGTB rights

The Puerto Rican Senate will vote on Wednesday over an amendment to the civil code. If passed, it is feared that it will open the door to conversion therapy. The bill would also not allow transgender people to change their sex on their birth certificate, will allow same sex couples to adopt, not include a clause stipulating the recognition of marriage regardless of sexual orientation, and limit the “causes” for divorce from 12 options to 2.

First cases of Leptospirosis in humans in US Virgin Islands after major hurricanes

The first cases of leptospirosis in humans in the US Virgin Islands occurred following hurricanes Maria and Irma. Leptospirosis, a bacterial infection, is incredibly rare because it requires direct human contact with animal urine. However, extreme weather and natural disasters strain sanitation and public health systems making humans more vulnerable to these types of diseases.

Guam Department of Public Works to distribute 12 new school bus shelters

Guam’s Department of Public Works has finished construction on 12 school bus shelters. The shelters are set to be distributed in the next two months after speaking with village mayors, stakeholders and assessing the need for the shelters.

NOAA launches newest buoy in American Samoa

NOAA has launched their newest buoy that monitors ocean acidification in coral reefs in American Samoa. Acidification in ocean waters is damaging to the health of coral reefs. The new buoy will help scientists understand how acidification affects reefs, while also helping to keep the reefs of American Samoa healthy.

FBI raids Governor Ralph Torres’ office and Imperial Pacific International in Northern Mariana Islands

The FBI completed simultaneous raids of Gov. Ralph Torres’ office, vehicle, and home, offices of Imperial Pacific International (IPI), a chinese owned casino operator in Saipan, a lobbyist for IPI, and the law offices of a firm run by Torres’ brother. This is not the first time the FBI has raided the IPI and its affiliates. With the scope of the raid it seems likely that the FBI believes corruption is at play.