US Territories’ July 11-17, 2022 news week in tweets

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Guam could experience a huge water problem 

PFAS—harmful industrial chemicals that exist in many products—could seep into Guam’s water sources, leaving the residents with less clean water. This could potentially be a large problem for Guam since most of its water supply is from groundwater.

Corrupt FEMA official with ties to Puerto Rico’s electric system recovery pleads guilty to fraud

After Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico, the US government-led efforts to restore the region’s electric system. However, one FEMA official with ties to this recovery has pleaded guilty to fraud and bribes in a court case. 

Groups push for the Biden Administration to fight the Insular Cases

Latino and Civil groups are now pushing for the Biden Administration to urge the Supreme Court to overturn the Insular Cases. With these laws dating back to 1901, many people suggest they make the US territories appear “inferior” under US law.

US Virgin Islands Delegate celebrates passage of resolution that reaffirms the economic ties between the US and the Caribbean 

Delegate Stacey Plaskett (D) of the US Virgin Islands has lauded the passage of the Caribbean Trade Resolution, which allows the economic partnership between the US and the Caribbean to continue. 

State of emergency declared in American Samoa after extreme weather conditions 

American Samoa declares a state of emergency after flash flooding, heavy rainfall, and large waves take over the region.