US Territories’ June 4-10, 2018 news week in tweets

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Puerto Rico Ordered to Release Death Records

Puerto Rico Superior Court Judge Lauracelis Roques Arroyo ruled that the death records are public information and must be released to journalists, who previously were blocked from obtaining death mortality data. A Harvard study released last week stated the death toll may be higher than 4,600.

American Samoans For Birthright Citizenship

A group of American Samoans are suing the US government, arguing that they should be given birthright citizenship, as American Samoans are considered US nationals but not citizens. This status restricts their ability to travel outside of the country. They have to pay fees and get permits which citizens do not have to obtain.

US, India, Japan Navies Begin Malabar Exercise

For the first time, naval exercises code-named Malabar will take place off of Guam’s coast. Indian, Japanese, and US maritime forces will be training together in hopes of strengthening regional relations in the Indian and Pacific oceans. The activities of Chinese submarines looms over the training, but Chinese officials have not objected against the Malabar exercises.

The Northern Mariana Islands US Workforce Act Passes in US House

Rob Bishop introduced a bill in the House of the Representatives to incentivize hiring workers in the Northern Mariana Islands. The bill passed the House on June 5 and was received by the Senate the next day.

Recovery In Virgin Islands Going Slower Than Expected

Most of the people living in the Virgin Islands say they are not ready for the new hurricane season. Most people are living with tarps for roofs and living in tents or shelters. The Governor says that recovery is eight to nine months in and is expected to take five to seven years.