US Territories’ May 9-15 2022 news week in tweets

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Possible progress in Congress on Puerto Rico status 

Resident Commisioner González-Colón and Representative Velazquez discuss a potential solution to the Puerto Rico’s political status.

Guam announces plans for a Democratic Party primary

After Delegate San Nicolas announces a challenge to Governor Leon Guerrero, the Guam Democratic Party shares their plan to have a primary for the party’s gubernatorial nomination. 

American Samoans push for US citizenship

Three American Samoan citizens bring their case for American citizenship to the Supreme Court. 

Northern Mariana Islands Republican Party issues a response to the impeachment trial 

The Republican Party of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands issues an extensive statement regarding the impeachment trial taking place. 

Oil refinery in the US Virgin Islands spews cancer-causing benzene in the environment

A recent analysis displays that the oil facility in the US Virgin Islands (also in US states) is causing an extremely high level of benzene near the facilities.