Puerto Rico’s August 29 political week in tweets

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Residents of Vieques, Puerto Rico Have the Highest Sickness Rates in the Caribbean, here’s why:

For more than 60 years, Vieques, Puerto Rico has been utilized as a bombing site for military training in the US Navy. After thousands of residents on the island claimed the military’s actions for their illnesses, the US Navy eventually withdrew their activity from Vieques, halting their use of heavy metals and toxic chemicals on the island. Yet, the navy denied any link between their training exercises and the resident’s debilitating health conditions. Much scientific research on occurrence have offered different explanations on the causes, but at this point, the reasons behind Puerto Rico’s health crisis is impossible to prove–leaving thousands of residents on the island with inadequate access to health care.


Obama Appoints Social Security Critic to Fix Puerto Rico’s Bugdet.

Puerto Rico’s immense debt is now to be handled by a seven-member oversight board appointed by Obama. The board is responsible for reconstructing over $70 million in debt for the US territory and hold authority over establishing lower public pensions for the island’s citizens, lowering the island’s minimum wage and even sell Puerto Rican assets.


Trump Hispanic Advisory Board Members Reconsidering Campaign After Trump Speech

Members of Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council reconsider their support to Trump campaign after the Republican nominee’s speech addressing immigration this past week. Members of the council say that what they heard about immigration policies that day was not “realistic or compassionate.”


Franklin Trust v. Puerto Rico

With enactment of PROMESA, Puerto Rico is now performing as a US fiscal colony, leaving the US to control all of Puerto Rican economic policy and thus taking away the island’s economic autonomy.

PROMESA initiated a Congressionally controlled oversight board to restructure the island’s debt. However, it is likely that Puerto Rico economy will continue to cycle into economic boom and recession without full statehood incorporation into the US.

The aftermath of both the ruling and PROMESA has left Puerto Rico in need of full statehood now more than ever.


McCain and Rubio Win Senate Primaries

Arizona’s John McCain and Florida’s Marco Rubio are faced with a difficult general-election after they’ve been re-nominated by Republican voters for the Senate primaries this past week on August 30th. Rubio easily took the votes in Florida against businessman opponent, Carlos Beruff while McCain was head-to-head against former Arizona state Senator, Kelli Ward, but won the primary with a 20 percentage-point lead.