US Territories’ November 5-11, 2018 news week in tweets

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Dressed in Mexican Garb, Follies Makes Light of Puerto Rican Debt Crisis

At the Financial Follies of 2018, held by the New York Financial Writers’ Association, a group dressed in Mexican costumes danced to make light of Puerto Rico’s debt crisis. Many people tweeted against their actions and ignorance.

Remembering The US Virgin Islands’ Compassion for Jewish Refugees during World War 2

Nine days after Kristallnacht in 1938, Lawrence W. Cramer attempted to open up the US Virgin Islands to Jewish refugees. However, the federal government was against the idea and eventually declared the islands as a restricted area for military use, preventing any refugees from entering.

Ambassador Brown Meets with Representative Amata

The US Ambassador of Samoa and New Zealand met with Representative Aumua Amata, hoping to keep and find out more about the close socio economic ties between American Samoa and Samoa.

Guam Elects First Female Governor

With 50.70% of votes, Lou Leon Guerrero became Guam’s first female governor. Michael San Nicolas was elected Guam’s Representative in the House, and Leevin Camacho won the race for Attorney General.

Evacuation Centers in South Saipan to Close

Over 200 people sheltering in the southside of Saipan will be moved north to ensure they have running water and electricity. Recovery is still underway after Super Typhoon Yutu. FEMA has said it provided 44 generators to the territory.