Puerto Rico’s July 24-30, 2017 political week in tweets

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John McCain, Puerto Rico’s ally?

The Jones Act might get replaced thanks to Senator McCain’s support. This would be a positive news for the islands of Puerto Rico since that Act dictates that any merchandise ship coming into Puerto Rico, has to come from the United States first. This means that the costs of food, or any other products are going to be significantly higher, since they have to pay for the exportation costs. Costs that are not helping considering the territory’s current economic situation.


Comedian explains Puerto Rico’s political status

American comedian W. Kamau Bell explains the political situation in Puerto Rico in video called “Fifty Shades of America”. “Puerto Rico is like a voting Bermuda Triangle” he says, when explaining that American citizens or not, if you are on the territory of the island you can not vote for Presidential elections. He ends in quirky note, to not worry about where to “put” the 51st star on the flag, because there is space.


“La Perla” becoming an attraction, after Despacito

La Perla, Puerto Rico. Before  the song Despacito (which had more than 2.9 billion youtube views), not many tourists would roam around the area of La Perla, since it is essentially a poor neighborhood; but after the music video was featured there, more and more tourists go there to retrace the steps of the Reggaeton artists and ex Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera.


Texas for Statehood

This article features testimonials of Puerto Ricans who moved to Texas, in a time of crisis where even with an engineering degree, no job would be found. They all talk about how different the economic situation in Puerto Rico would be if it would in fact become the 51st State.