US Territories’ May 6-12, 2019 news week in tweets

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Puerto Rico’s Population Projected to Drop by 32% by 2049

Puerto Rico’s population is projected to drop by 32% by 2049 according to a study. A combination of economic and environmental factors have hastened the migration of American citizens from the territory.

Trump Continues to Falsely Claim Puerto Rico Received $91 Billion in Disaster Aid

President Donald Trump held up a chart that falsely claimed that Puerto Rico had received $91 Billion in disaster aid at a rally on May 8th. Trump has thrown out this false number many times. When in reality Puerto Rico has only received $11 Billion in aid.

House Passes $17.2 Billion in Disaster Aid with $600 Million in Nutrition Aid Going to Puerto Rico

The House passes $17.2 Billion disaster relief with $600 Million in Nutrition aid going to Puerto Rico.  The bill now heads to the Republican-controlled Senate. President Donald Trump has tweeted about his opposition to the bill.

Seized North Korean Freighter Being Sent to American Samoa

The North Korean freighter that was seized for breaking US sanctions on North Korea is being sent to American Samoa. The locals are concerned about potential retaliation by North Korea.

Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands Provide Immigration and US Citizenship Services Online

Starting May 13 Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands will allow certain services to be accessed online for immigration and US citizenship applications.

CHamoru Language Revitalization Center Announced

CHamoru language revitalization center announced at the Guam Department of Education. CHamoru is spoken by 58,000 people and is the spoken language of the Chamorro people who are the indigenous people of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Top ABA Officials to Visit Relief Sites in US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

Top ABA officials are set to visit disaster relief sites in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. They are set to announce the development of USVI Flood Proof, a mobile app, that will help residents of the US Virgin Islands access legal assistance.