US Territories’ August 20-26, 2018 news week in tweets

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New Message Written On Street of a Puerto Rican Town

One year ago, a photo of a street in Punta Santiago. The message on the street read, “S.O.S We need water/food.” Now same street says “Bienvenidos,” or welcome. The people wrote the message and took a picture, sharing the news that Puerto Rico is now ready for tourists.

Department of Interior Funds Territories to Combat Invasive Species

US Department of the Interior announced that a little under $1.5 million would be granted to the American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and the US Virgin Islands to combat invasive species and protect natural resources.

Typhoon Cimaron Leaves Saipan Flooded

Typhoon Cimaron has left the Northern Mariana Islands, but parts of the islands remain flooded. A flash flood watch continues on the islands. Tourists and residents have been seen wading through ankle-deep water.

Pentagon Warns China ‘Training for Strikes’ Against US

Pentagon’s annual report states that China has been increasing the abilities of its bomber planes. The bomber planes may be able to strike US and allies in the Pacific, including Guam.

Samoan Firefighters Sing as They Combat Wildfires

17 American Samoan firefighters have been deployed to the mainland to help fight the California wildfires. As they do so, they spontaneously burst into song, showcasing their culture and bringing positivity and energy to the ravaged area.