Puerto Rico’s June 12-18, 2017 political week in tweets

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Natalie Jaresko, a positive development for Puerto Rico?

After a 4 month selection, Natalie Jaresko was chosen to be Puerto Rico’s Oversight Board executive director. Supposedly she dealt with a similar situation with her home country Ukraine, and resolved it affirmatively.  Chairman Jose Carrion, in favor of the newly appointed executive adds,”Ukraine’s situation three years ago, like Puerto Rico’s today, was near catastrophic, but she worked with stakeholders to bring needed reforms that restored confidence, economic vitality and reinvestment in the country and its citizens. That’s exactly what Puerto Rico needs today,” What caused a general commotion from the Island’s citizens is the fact that Jaresko will be paid $625,000 annually, while still being in charge of resolving Puerto Rico’s $70 billion debt.


Street art for independence

La Puerta, a prominent street artist from Puerto Rico, use her art to express their frustration about the government’s push for the Island’s political status. Even though they each risk to end up in jail for a 1 year time, they find it necessary to ‘paint the truth’. This is, in hopes to show an act of resistance for the islands of Puerto Rico.


Gonzalez-Colon to join forces for statehood

With her goal being to start the decolonization process, Resident Commissioner Gonzalez-Colon, spoke aiming at convincing Republicans to act on statehood. In her speech she included various facts about other countries process before becoming a state e.g. Hawaii. “I will not only lean on my colleagues and the leadership to hear the voices of these Americans, but more importantly, to respect the intent of the will of the voters. The time for Puerto Rico’s equality has come”, González-Colón then added.


China proposes to pay Puerto Rican debt

Rumors are Trump’s prior campaign chairman, Manafort was negotiating with China development fund to invest $30 billion or possible even more to resolve Puerto Rico’s debt. He was consulting under the presumption that he was working for the White House. Truthfully, he stopped being the President’s chairman after being under investigation regarding Trump’ ties with the Russians.


Vice President in favor of Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state

“I rise in support of the Puerto RIco democracy act. The american flag has flown over Puerto Rico for over a century, it’s been a US territory since 1898. […] Citizens born in Puerto Rico are natural born US citizens. Bound by federal law, they even pay federal taxes, they are even eligible to become President.[…] As a conservative who believes in the power self determination and individual liberty, I believe the 4 million American citizens in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico should be able to voice their opinion about Puerto Rico’s relationship with the United States, although the ultimate determination of that fate rests with this Congress.”stated Vice President Mike Pence regarding Puerto Rico’s future political status. In his speech he admitted he supports Puerto Rican decision whether they want to become Independent, or a State.