Puerto Rico’s December 19-26, 2016 political week in tweets

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Just as the GOP Did to Obama, Democrats Prepare to Fight Trump Administration

With the first meeting of the new Congress set to be held on January 3rd, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has been urging others in her party to combat the choices and decisions made by the incoming Trump administration. Pelosi is challenging Democrats in Congress to join together to stop the Trump administration from repealing ObamaCare, as well as fight the possible overhaul of the tax code.


Carbon Comes Out on Top in 2016

Although Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, and Mike Flynn’s son got the short end of the stick with the new Trump administration, those around the country and the world with interest or assets in fossil fuels are overjoyed that Trump will soon be in power. Scott Pruitt, Rex Tillerson, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers, new members of Trump’s cabinet and staff, also excite these people, as they all have connections to big fuel business and have taken on Obama’s EPA regulations.


Puerto Rico Will Have a Blind Secretary of Transportation

Last Tuesday, Puerto Rico governor-elect Ricardo Rossello made history in his pick for Secretary of Transportation. Carlos Contreras, a man with extensive experience in public office and engineering, will take the seat, as well as be the executive director of the Roads and Transportation Authority.


Puerto Rico Will Run Out of Money by February

Governor-elect Ricardo Rossello warned last Tuesday that the island will run out of money to pay public workers by February. With only $147 million left in the coffers of Puerto Rico, Rossello says his team will investigate if there was any negligence in fund management over the last four years.


Jason Miller to not Take White House Communications Director Job

Just two days ago, president-elect Trump;s spokesman Jason Miller was set to take the White House communications director job. Saying because of family issues, Miller stepped out and will hand over his duties to Sean Spicer, communications director for the Republican National Committee.