Puerto Rico’s August 28-September 3, 2017 political week in tweets

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Oversight Board looking to privatize electric power ASAP

The Oversight Board has set its sights on a privatization of the electric utility in Puerto Rico as soon as it is possible.


Lack of transparency

The Espacios Abiertos groups uncovered a crass lack of transparency in the reports of the Oversight Board for conflicts of interests.


PRSSA Elections to happen with 3 month delay

The Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association has finally announced their elections date, 3 months after their constitution mandates it.


Government sued by Oversight Board over furloughs

As expected, courts will have the final say over the Oversight Board’s authority to implement furloughs.


Creditors seek to lift lawsuit stay

Puerto Rico creditors are trying to get courts to lift the stay on lawsuits enabled by PROMESA, much to the Oversight Board’s opposition.