US Territories’ June 27-July 3, 2022 news week in tweets

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Guam experiences a surge in drug smuggling 

Guam’s drug-smuggling crisis spiked in 2021 with 195 pounds of methamphetamine and 175 pounds of marijuana being seized. 

Republican Governor Ralph Torres might experience large challenges in his upcoming election 

With the Northern Mariana Islands’ elections approaching, Governor Ralph Torres might face a hard reelection effort as he must battle pending criminal charges, Democrat Tina Sablan, and divisions in his own party. 

Police raid large pot greenhouse in Puerto Rico 

Puerto Rico police claim they have raided the largest pot greenhouse on record with nearly 2,000 plants being grown in the center.

American Samoa keeps abortion legal under specific conditions as a matter of law, not practice

In American Samoa, a patient can only have an abortion if they would be endangered by the pregnancy or if the patient’s physical or mental health would be severely worsened by the pregnancy. In practice however, there are no abortion providers in the territory. 

Tropical wave hits US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands experienced showers and thunderstorms this past week as a tropical wave hit the region.