Puerto Rico’s September 11-7, 2017 political week in tweets

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Puerto Rico and the Caribbean deal with Irma’s aftermath

Even though Puerto Rico was spared the brunt of Hurricane Irma’s force, it still has to deal with recovery for the affected areas, especially in its electric grid.


Irma causes debate on Jones Act

As part of the Federal Government’s efforts to help the US territories in the Caribbean, it allowed an exemption to the Jones Act. Now some are calling for the exemption to be made permanent.


US Army Corps of Engineers helps rebuilding efforts

Puerto Rico has had extensive help from federal agencies to deal with Hurricane Irma’s aftermath, including surveys by the US Army Corps of Engineers.


President Trump expected to visit Puerto Rico

US President Donald Trump is expected to visit Puerto Rico to survey the damage and recovery efforts.


Puerto Rico serves as refuge for devastated islands’ residents

Residents of several islands in the Caribbean have been accepted into Puerto Rico as refugees, and will be be allowed to remain in US soil by the federal government for 30 days.