Puerto Rico’s November 21-27 political week in tweets

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FEMA to Announce Next Week if it Will Declare Danger Zones because of Rainfall in Puerto Rico

In the past few days damages caused by heavy rainfall affected Utuado, Jayuya, Villalba, Ciales and Adjuntas in Puerto Rico. Confirming that the most affected sector was agriculture. The State Agency for Emergency and Disaster Management has been evaluating the damages in which has been performed by mayors. The results will be sent to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) so it can inform them next week if the municipalities will be declared disaster areas and receive federal aid.


Miami’s Joyous Cubans Hope For Change With Castro’s Death

With the announcement of Fidel Castro’s death at age 90 on Saturday, thousands of people took to the streets of Miami and nearby cities–an event that lasted throughout day. Residents of Miami banged pots with spoons, honked car horns, and waved Cuban and U.S. flags in the air in celebration.


Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla Challenges New Debt-Tackling Federal Control Board

Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla is clashing against the PROMESA Oversight Board after his  proposed fiscal plan was criticized for lacking important requirements, including a debt sustainability analysis. Now the governor is saying he won’t submit a revised plan.


Jill Stein Files for Recount in Wisconsin

According to the state’s election commission, Jill Stein filed a petition for a recount in Wisconsin, barely making the 5 p.m. EST deadline on Friday. Stein had initially set a goal to raise $2.5 million to fund a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania based off a report from New York Magazine. But as of Friday morning, Stein has raised just a little over $4.7 million dollars which had been updated to a $7 million goal now on her campaign’s website.


Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Says it Will Take Part in Efforts to Push For Recounts in Several Key States

Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced on Saturday that it will take part in efforts to push for recounts in several key states. The campaign will be joining with Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who has already raised over $4 million dollars to have votes counted again in Wisconsin. In addition to this, the Clinton campaign met with lawyers, data scientists and analysts to assess anomalies in the results that would suggest a hacked result. Clinton’s team said they had investigated every theory presented and evaluated the laws and practices pertaining to recounts, contests and audits.