What to Do This Week of December 18, 2016

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Actions for Democrats, Independents, and Republicans of conscience

There are four weeks until DJT takes office


The intention of this document is to make clear suggestions for action backed with well-considered research. You don’t need to do them all–just the ones that align with your values and abilities. If an issue doesn’t affect you, consider whether you would support this issue on behalf of other Americans and act accordingly.

At the end, you’ll find some good news. Bear in mind that although these topics have been well researched and are intended to be helpful, they are still subject to human error. Please do your own research!

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When I started this document a month ago, I honestly believed we could change things by signing peitions. In the last four weeks, I’ve been schooled in how democracy really works. If DJT is inaugurated next month, we must put our principles into visible, relentless, and united front against DJT. Look for more detailed actions in coming weeks.


I believe in fair, open elections

Advocate for an electoral college delay and intelligence brief TODAY

Action: Today and 12/19, call both your senators and your congressperson. If you get voicemail, DO leave a message.

Script: Please follow Rep. Don Beyer lead and publically support an electoral college delay and briefing.

Then cut and paste this action into your FB status update so other people will too. Make NOISE. We have ONE DAY left to do this.


I oppose DJT & Co., their racist, corrupt, and authoritarian policies

Get organized

At this writing, the electoral college has not yet voted. If they fail to overturn DJT’s status as president-elect, three congressional staffers have a step-by-step plan of how to resist the coming changes to the fabric of our democracy.

For this outstanding resource I recomend two actions:

  1. Take 20 minutes to read Indivisble thoroughly.
  2. Schedule an in-person meeting as soon with 8-10 local people to divvy up the actions in this document.
  3. Yes, seriously.


I believe in integrity and reject corruption

Oppose appointment of Rick Perry

Call: Using the numbers you looked up, call both your senators’ local offices to oppose DJT/MRP cabinet positions. Be kind and be specific. Leave a message if no one answers.

Script: My name is ____. I’m a constituent from _town_. I’m calling about my concern regarding DJT’s cabinet appointment of Rick Perry. The former Texas governor sits on two corporate boards – one of them is Energy Transfer Partners, a subsidiary known as Dakota Access LLC.

fact check: CBS News


Oppose Rick Tillerson for Secretary of State

Call: Using the numbers you looked up, call both your senators’ local offices to oppose DJT/MRP cabinet positions. Be kind and be specific. Leave a message if no one answers.

Script: My name is ____. I’m a constituent from _town_. I’m calling about my concern regarding DJT’s cabinet appointment of Rick Tillerson. His close ties with Russia and big oil present a business conflict of interest and security issue for our country.

fact check: The Washington Post


I believe in equal rights for all Americans

Democrats: Stop using the term “identity politics” like it’s a bad thing.

We need to stop worrying about disenfranchised white males who didn’t vote for HRC. We need to focus on the voices of *all* Americans: Black, Latino, immigrant, native American, female, gay, trans, survivors, young students 0-18, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, and people of all economic levels. We are the party that values every citizen.

source: Politico


I support creating a healthy planet

Protect the Tsongass National Forest from clearcutting.


I believe in the value of my dollar

Action: Spend consciously to support American values in the runup to Christmas.

Click: #GrabYourWallet

When the document opens, look at the list of 74 DJT-connected businesses on list. Make a note of the stores you usually frequent. If you planned to shop there in the future, drop them a line on Facebook or Twitter and let them know.


Action: Make a contribution to a cause on behalf of leaders who oppose it

Click: www.donatebigly.com

Want to donate to Planned Parenthood on behalf of Mike Pence? Or to Black Lives Matter on behalf of Bannon? This site makes it easy. It’s genius. And very satisfying.


Recommended reading

What are Democrats doing right now?

Michigan voting machines

Federalism FTW

Media accountability

The danger is real when there’s a watch list for college professors

A deep look into DJT’s debts and who’s funding his empire

A key reason why the Kremlin hates the US and wants a cooperative DJT

A thorough, fascinating play-by-play of the Russian hacking shows how we are underestimating this threat to our nation’s sovereignty


From the Department of NOT NORMAL

This is not a normal president-elect, vice president-elect, nor leadership. #notnormal

It is NOT NORMAL for a president elect to choose a cabinet member by sending his business partner (who is also his son). A normal president use his own judgment in choosing his cabinet.



It is NOT NORMAL for a president elect to threaten electors if they don’t vote for you. A normal president trusts the electoral process and believes in Amercans’ democratic right to vote.


It is NOT NORMAL for a president-elect to use Twitter to communicate about his presidential actions and go without a press conference. A normal president would use the press to communicate and hold a press conference on average 3 days after an election.

CNN Money


It is NOT NORMAL for a president-elect’s public criticism of a company to cause their stocks to tank. A normal president is diplomatic in critiquing businesses publically because he or she values the people and jobs that company represents.




This tweet from DJT: 

Compared to this tweet from Dan Diamond‏ @ddiamond:


It is NOT NORMAL for a president elect to promise a press-covered event regarding his business conflicts of interests, then postpone via Twitter the night before because he’s is “busy.” A normal president would have already dealt with any business conflicts and kept his or her promise to the American people.

CNN Money


It is NOT NORMAL for scientists who study the einvironment to be afraid. It is NOT NORMAL for a president-elect to request the names of people who do this work. A normal president values experts who can inform policy with solid scientific data.

The Washington Post


It is NOT NORMAL for the adult child (and business partner) of a president to move in to the White House. A normal president keeps business connections at an approproate distance and avoids conflicts of interest.



Good news

Senate Democrats propose bill to divest president’s assets

CA Governor stands up for the climate

$1B for climate research

Oklahoma makes women’s health more accessible

Trump astrology

Love army

More than a quarter of PPs donations have been for Mike Pence

Kids climate lawsuit


Coming up next week

Should the DJT be the electoral college’s choice, next week’s message will include a thorough action plan to oppose every cabinet appointment of concern. It will suggest that you make a number of specific phone calls (not petitions or emails). If you’re the shy type, get ready to be vocal. Cabinet appointment hearings beging *before* the inauguration.


A word on petitions

Although online petitions serve a purpose, groups like MoveOn.org and Change.org lack clout. This and future weekly What To Do action checklists will include only petitions that come from well-respected organizations. Note: To avoid lots of follow-up emails after signing an online petition, be sure to click “unsubscribe” using the link in the follow-up confirmation email.



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Final action

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