Book of the week: Oscar Lopez Rivera, Between Torture And Resistance

by Dec 22, 2016Book of the Week0 comments

Oscar Lopez Rivera: Between Torture And Resistance covers the life and story of Oscar Lopez Rivera. Lopez is a Puerto Rican prisoner in the United States mainland, who in 1981, was convicted of seditious conspiracy and other crimes related to terrorism. He is currently considered by some to be the longest held political prisoner in the world.

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The book is sectioned into multiple different parts, talking about the journey that he took as a Puerto Rican in America. It goes into detail about his life as a prisoner and the horrible treatment that he received simply because of who he was, as well as his life before prison and the challenges that he faced. The book is an incredible statement on the struggle that he experienced and how hard he fought for justice despite everything he faced. The guards were cruel and it seemed as though things would never improve.

He is still in prison and is not optimistic about being given a presidential pardon. Oscar talks about how the prison guards have tried to break him and how, despite his peaceful record, he is classified as a high security prisoner with few rights. This author was shocked to find out how he has yet to be granted parole, despite good behavior for over 20 years. Overall this book is incredibly enlightening as to the struggles that Lopez has faced and how the US prison system works.