Puerto Rico’s January 1-8, 2017 political week in tweets

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Speaker Ryan Plans To Stop Planned Parenthood Funding

As the Trump administration is soon to take office, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stated that in their plan to repeal ObamaCare, there would also be a provision to pull millions of dollars of funding from Planned Parenthood centers.


Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner Makes Efforts to Fix Status Issue

Jenniffer Gonzalez Colon (R), new Resident Commissioner for Puerto Rico, wasted no time in writing up her first bill, committing  Congress to admitting the island nation as a state by 2025. The bill allows voters to decide whether they want statehood or independence.


How to Put Puerto Rico Back to Work

Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) has proposed a bill to help Puerto Rico get out of the massive debt it is currently sitting in.This Empleo Act would lower minimum wage on the island, but then provide a government subsidy on every paycheck would provide compensation halfway between the employer’s rate of pay and the median wage.


Lugaro Makes Puerto Rico Election History

Independent Alexandra Lugaro, 35 years old, was a social media favorite to win the Puerto Rico gubernatorial election, thanks to her consistent use of social media for campaigning. Coming in third place in the election, Lugaro didn’t necessarily win, but was the first candidate ever to win over 10% of the votes running as an independent.


Trump Admits Russia Hacks, But Says They Have No Effect

After meetings with US intelligence on Friday, President-Elect Donald Trump did admit that Russia did hack into America’s presidential election, after defending during his campaign that they had not. Still, Trump insists that the hacking had no effect on the outcome of the election.