Oversight Board responds to Jenniffer González’ call for action about Medicaid

by Mar 30, 2017General0 comments

In a letter to Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González-Colón, the Puerto Rico Fiscal Oversight Board has replied to her call to join her effort to get the federal government to address as an urgent matter the funding “cliff” facing the Island when its supplemental Medicaid appropriation granted under so-called “Obamacare” runs out at the end of this year.

González made this call to the Board on repeated opportunities in writing as well as at the Insular Affairs Subcommittee hearing last Wednesday.

“It is imperative that the Board, at the very least, actively press upon the federal government for the extension of the nearly $1.2 Billion a year in ACA funding that the law itself lets run out at year’s end”, the Resident Commissioner stated.

Answering on behalf of the Oversight Board, its Chairman José Carrión, recognized the challenges facing the Puerto Rico government in securing quality health care services for the population due to the fiscal crisis, and how this would be further complicated if the federal government failed to extend the current level of funding for the local Medicaid program.

“We value and appreciate your leadership in tackling these difficult issues in Congress and would be glad to participate in conversations where the future of federal healthcare funding for Puerto Rico would be discussed”, wrote Carrión in the letter.

The Board recognizes in their communication the Congresswoman’s efforts and statements on the issue and for the first time adopts them and makes them their own. Copies of this official communication will be circulated by the Resident Commissioner to the Congressional leadership.

“The Board was created by Congress and answers to Congress, and any input they can provide to the federal government about the impact of that funding loss, is crucial”, González-Colón concluded.