Puerto Rico’s April 3-9, 2017 political week in tweets

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Gonzalez-Colon’s plan to save Puerto Rico’s health care system

Representative Gonzalez Colon urges for an administrative revision of the fee structure applied to the Medicaid Advantage providers in Puerto Rico, in an effort to retain physicians on the Island; where they are much needed given the economic and health situation.


US Senators reunite to discuss Puerto Rico’s Medicaid budget.

US Senators discuss possible budget extension for Medicaid in Puerto Rico with US secretary of Health Tom price, in an effort to as  seek a solution to the fiscal crash to which the US health system is headed.


What UPR students should do…

Regarding the controversy of education budget cuts in Puerto Rico. After many protests in San Juan and students gating the entry of the various UPR’s around the island, the Interim President of UPR calls student to change tactic.


Restructuring agreement with bondholders

Talks about new restructuring deals for Puerto Rico’s electric company. Gov. Rosello’s cabinet states that a deal could very possibly save the Island from a huge debt.


A step closer to equality in Puerto Rico

Although the Equal Pay Act still doesn’t resolve the big gender inequalities, this just brought #genderequality, one step closer. This act allows the Puerto Rican Department of Labor to receive and investigate complaints regarding violations of the act and file legal actions on behalf of employees. The Act was passed, in an effort to avoid gender based discrimination at work.