Puerto Rico’s April 24-30, 2017 political week in tweets

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$428,049 awarded for the protection of awarded sites in Puerto Rico

Resident Commissioner Gonzalez-Colon proudly announces the injunction awarded to historical and natural sites in Puerto Rico. She claims that it will indeed be money well spent as it will benefit the tourism, and henceforth the economy, and job opportunities.


Trump against aiding Puerto Rico, and its economy.

Controversy arises, as Trump recently posted hostile messages on Twitter: “The Democrats want to shut government if we don’t bail out Puerto Rico and give billions to their insurance companies for OCare failure. NO!” Suggesting that he is opposed to aiding Puerto Rico with its huge economic debt. To this Puerto Rican Governor Rossello responded in a tweet:  “The American citizens of Puerto Rico deserve to be treated fairly. Health and civil rights are not partisan issues.” Many view Trump’s tweet as an insult to Puerto Ricans, by suggesting that obtaining something as essential as medical aid, is nothing more than a political plot.


The reason why the University of Puerto Rico’s students’ are on strike.

The real reason for the strikes, stems from the government’s recent “solution” to deal with the $70 billion debt, which translates to cutting funds for its education, which is already considerably low.  Subsequently, the students all stood to protest against the government’s newly announced budget cuts, to fight against  the aggravating predicament the last colony is facing.


Puerto Rican public demanding explanation on current bankruptcy affecting the Island

Puerto Ricans protests in the streets are desperately seeking an answer to the current economical turn of events, as many believe the $70 billion bankruptcy is due to past government mismanagement. Police tear gasses protesters. Government refuses a citizen’s audit. Will the People fight back the government any further?


Jet Blue: Travel alerts regarding Puerto Rico’s “Labor Action”

Following the various recent street protests concentrating  around political buildings in San Juan, Jet Blue announced to any passengers travelling from, or to San Juan’s airport to be prepared to face potential access or transportation difficulties  due to labor action going on, on the Island.

An action that certainly doesn’t aid Puerto Rico’s image and could in fact cause more problem for Puerto Rican tourism.