Puerto Rico’s June 19-25, 2017 political week in tweets

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Not Supergirl, La Borinquena

While in times of War in the 40s, Captain America emerged in the United States; La Borinquena emerges in a time of bankruptcy and political insecurities in Puerto Rico. The name La Borinquena taken from the Indian Taino heritage translates into “the Puerto Rican woman”. The creator,  Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, has made thoughtful decisions while envisioning this Super hero: the language is bilingual (English and Spanish), incorporates myths from the Native Indians of the Island, and deals with social and environmental issues Puerto Rico is currently dealing with.


“A rigged ballot,” somehow

While Rosselló pushes for statehood sustaining that “the US citizens of Puerto Rico have taken a stand and have pleaded a choice”, many believe the vote was boycotted. Even though the majority of the votes were for statehood, not many people within the Island actually voted.  “It’s going nowhere. 23 percent of those eligible to vote cast their vote, there was a boycott … what it tells you is it was a flawed process, it was undemocratic, and so I didn’t support it.”  Rep. Nydia Velazquez said of the plebiscite.



Novels depicting Statehood and Independence

The best source of information to know about Puerto Rico’s political status might be found in old novels foreseeing the change with statehood, and independence. Between US conspiracies, families divided by politics, and deep analysis we can see the historical and social facets of the struggle for independence and statehood, which are incorporated within Puerto Rican culture.


Israeli travellers coming to Puerto Rico

This article explains the Jewish immigration to Puerto Rico throughout the years, and how the many attractions of the islands “enchant” Israeli tourists. After the Second World War, is when most of the Jewish population migrated to settle in Puerto Rico. Beginning 21st century, about 2,000 Jews were estimated, while now only 1,200. This is associated to Puerto Rican economy decline. However according to some, the Commonwealth tax laws, have caused more Israelis and American Businesspeople to move (back) to La Isla del Encanto.


Puerto Rican Secretary of State, headstrong on Statehood

Luis Rivera Marin, Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State is awfully positive of its statehood prospects. He stated that he predicted the plebiscite vote, and now the only thing left to do is act in favor of it. In fact, he has already filed with Congress to start the process of statehood. While others in favor of statehood fear that the referendum will be invalidated due to the low vote turnout, Rivera-Marin reaffirms “My stance is the same as that of our founding father Thomas Jefferson, ‘We are not a government of the majority, but of the majority who vote.’