5 years in context

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On June 5, 2013, Pasquines launched as a politics-focused, bilingual website dedicated to showcasing Puerto Rico. 5 years in context later, it has become a nonprofit news organization, led and run by volunteers dedicated to covering the context of the United States territories. We are the main resource for those looking for additional context of life in the territories

We got here through the work of dedicated, aspiring journalists, who wrote to cover all the politics of Puerto Rico and the United States. Our efforts have produced significant successes, landing interviews with top government officials, being cited by national outlets like FiveThirtyEight, and expanding our reach day by day.

But along the way, we discovered a need that was not unique to Puerto Rico, but shared by Guam, the United States Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Therefore, in celebration of our milestone, we will reintroduce ourselves to our readers, partners, and sponsors.

Our new mantra

Today we establish our mission, to end the insularity between the United States and its territories, and to inspire the inclusion of these citizens in all critical considerations; our vision to provide factual, accurate, and thorough content for unreported and ignored issues, focusing on the affairs of the United States territories; and our commitment to focus on political, policy, economic, design, and innovation issues, to bring local issues to national attention, and national affairs to local consideration.

We believe national outlets under-report territorial issues, and local outlets ignore national issues and their effect on the territories, therefore we will work to eliminate this gap in information. With ardent tenacity to fulfill our mission, realize our vision, and serve as pioneering journalists in service of the forgotten, we publish the context of islands.