BrainHi becomes first Puerto Rican startup to be accepted to YCombinator

by Jun 15, 2018Economy0 comments

BrainHi, a technology startup company focusing on utilizing artificial intelligence to provide automated receptionist services to medical offices, recently announced that it became the first Puerto Rican company to be accepted into Y Combinator. Y Combinator is an influential venture capital firm founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2005, before moving to Mountain View, California in Silicon Valley as the company expanded operations.

The goal of Y Combinator is to provide startup companies seed funding for the first phase of development, to the point at which they are able to generate significant second phase funding and beyond to continue organizational expansion and development, as well as revenue growth. This serves as the basis behind the company’s philosophy that the founders of startup companies are able to be increasingly productive and more likely to solidify themselves within a given industry if they acquire early-stage funding for their organization.

BrainHi was founded in 2017 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and formed with the primary objective of providing customer-focused services to increase patient convenience for medical service offices. The artificial intelligence technology, which serves as the framework for the company’s software, utilizes private messaging through online platforms such as social media and websites to send out and receive instantaneous messages pertaining to information relayed between medical office secretaries and medical office patients.

The partnership between BrainHi and Y Combinator is a significant milestone for both the recently-founded and rapidly expanding company, but for current and future economic growth in Puerto Rico. After a string of pessimistic events, including ballooning public debt and devastating natural disaster, which have affected families and organizations across the territory while concurrently halting economic development the news of a growing company with support from an influential firm like BrainHi reflects an optimistic future and path forward for the Puerto Rican economy.

In the wake of myriad hurdles in recent years, Puerto Rico has been heralded as a location in which technology companies can flourish and entrepreneurial ventures have the opportunity to thrive. Opportunities for initial funding and partnership, such as the one established between BrainHi and Y Combinator, for emerging companies in Puerto Rico serve as a beacon for the future path of progress and development, providing stability and prosperity in coming decades.