US Territories’ September 3-9 2018 news week in tweets

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Tropical Storm Isaac expected to become hurricane

Tropical storm Isaac is expected to become a hurricane in the following week. It is heading westward in the central Atlantic, and may affect mainland America, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

FEMA overwhelmed by hurricanes Irma and Maria

According to a Government Accountability Office report, FEMA had carried out its duties as expected but was not ready for the damage from Hurricane Maria and Irma in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. FEMA was not prepared for Hurricane Maria and the devastation it left behind on the islands.

Typhoon heading towards Guam and CNMI

A warning for Typhoon Mangkhut has been issued as Guam anticipates Mangkhut’s arrival. The typhoon may also hit the Northern Mariana Islands. Destructive winds are expected to affect the islands on Tuesday.

Bill to legalize cannabis passes the House and Senate in the CNMI

A bill to legalize recreational cannabis has been sent to the CNMI’s governor to be signed into law. If the bill is signed, the islands will become the first US territory to legalize recreational marijuana.

Study shows American Samoa Has One of the Least Physically Active Populations

A study from the World Health Organization shows that American Samoa has the second least physically active population in the world. According to the study, insufficient physical activity is not doing at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity.