What to do this week of October 14, 2018

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101 weeks down, 22 days to midterm elections.

The AoC Checklist features clear, well-researched actions for Americans who value democracy, equality, voting, and decency. We also practice gratitude, self-care, and celebration to stay engaged.

I value democracy.

Guided by respect and collaboration, we create a government for the people, by the people.

Action: Advocate for a fair, impartial judiciary. [h/t]

Call: Your two senators (look up).
Script: Hi, I’m calling from [ZIP] to oppose the nominations of Chad Readler and Eric Murphy to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. I support a judiciary that protects voting, health care, and equal rights for all. Please ask [name] to join the nominees’ home state senator, Sherrod Brown, in voting no on their confirmation.

Action: Inspire women to vote in the midterm elections. [h/t]

Sign up to receive five stamped postcards pre-addressed to people who haven’t always voted in past elections. This non-partisan effort writes brief encouraging notes to encourage voter participation.

I value equality.

Stand with your rainbow of neighbors from every religion, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, age, and ability. Out of many, we are one.

Action: Support safe, clean bathroom access for workers. [h/t]

The Port of Los Angeles is taking advantage of its mostly-immigrant workforce and denying them basic respect and dignity. Insist that drivers have access to safe and clean restroom facilities, inside and outside the Port’s terminals.

Sign petitionhttp://justiceforportdrivers.com/take-action/

Action: Speak up for immigrant children’s wellbeing. [h/t]

If your citizenship status is secure, please do this action. The current administration wants to allow ICE to hold children in detention indefinitely, and set up and oversee its own family detention centers.

Comment: Click the dark blue “Comment Now!” button on Regulations.gov. Please personalize the suggested language (cut/paste not counted) and submit by November 6: I oppose the government’s proposal to end the Flores Agreement because I value the dignity and well-being of all people, especially vulnerable, migrant children in U.S. government custody. I do not want my tax dollar to fund indefinite detention, fewer legal protections, and unregulated custody of minors. I want the Flores Agreement upheld to reduce and limit detention of children. 

Action: Support people in North Carolina post-Hurricane Florence. [h/t]

Because of deportation fears, many people in North Carolina did not evacuate during Hurricane Florence, and are now in need of food and supplies.
DonateOnline or send a check to Episcopal Farmworker Ministry, P.O. Box 160, Newton Grove, NC 28334

I value secure, convenient voting and fair elections.

Democracy thrives when all citizens can freely elect those who represent their values.

For months, we’ve been advocating for safer, fairer elections, this month our sole priority is to show up for midterms. Let’s do this!

▢ Action 1: Check your state registration deadline and ID requirements

▢ Action 2: Pledge to vote.

▢ Action 3: Vote early if you can. (Or set up reminders.)

 Action 4: Check today and weekly that your name isn’t purged from voter rolls and that your information is accurate.

▢ Action 5: Get a sample ballot (email not required) to check out your candidates’ records. Be sure to vet District Attorney candidates.

▢ Action 6: Check that your polling place is open and in the same place.

▢ Action 7: Offer (or request) a ride to the polls on your social media accounts. You never know who can’t afford the extra gas or who feels unsafe voting alone.

I value showing respect for all people, no matter where they were born.

We oppose inhumane treatment of all people and the government agencies that perpetuate it. People who immigrate to the US make our country stronger and are entitled to basic respect.

Action: Support the release of people detained by ICE. [h/t]
Donate: To the Fianza Fund, which provides legal guidance and bond assistance to people with costly immigration hearings.

Deep breath innnnnnn… Deep breath ouuuuuuuut… Here comes the good stuff.

Acts of Gratitude

Get out your stamps, postcards, and sparkle markers for some gratitude mail.

Thank Taylor Swift for urging her fans to register to vote and to find candidates who agree with their beliefs. Using your spotlight helped over 100,000 new, young voters register and participate in our democracy. You rock!
Address: c/o Taylor Swift Entertainment, 242 West Main Street, PMB 412, Hendersonville, TN 37075

Thank Rep. Filemon Vela, Jr. (D-TX) for working in partnership with immigration advocates to reunite a mother and child after they were separated at the border. All people deserve respect and dignity, wherever they were born. Thank you for joining efforts to begin repairing this family.
Address: 437 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515

Thank Anita Hill for her #metoo moment. Social media wasn’t around for you to know how many believe you and appreciate your courage. Please accept my belated, sincere thanks for your service to our democracy.
Address: Brandeis University, 415 South Street (MS 035), Waltham, MA 02454-9110

Thank Dara Khosrowshahi (Uber CEO) and Logan Green (Lyft CEO) for working to remove voting barriers by offering free or reduced-price rides to and from polling places on election day. Many voters face difficulties in getting to polling places. Thank you for prioritizing citizenship and the democratic process this November.
Address: D.K. 1455 Market St 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103
Address: L.G. 185 Berry St San Francisco, CA 94107-5705

Thank Gabe Roth, Executive Director of Fix the Court, who used www.brettkavanaugh.com to affirm and support survivors of sexual assault and suggest concrete actions to make the Supreme Court more accountable and transparent. Thank you for using this moment of heartbreak and outrage to raise awareness about sexual assault.
Address: 1440 G St. NW, Ste. 800, Washington, D.C., 20005

Good news

Decent people everywhere are speaking up and working together. Just look. #GoodNews

  • At least 77,000 Puerto Ricans displaced by Hurricane Maria and now living in Florida have registered to vote.
  • Mythbuster Adam Savage created a PSA busting the myth that college students can’t vote (they can!).
  • More than 75 businesses (national and local) and business leaders have joined together to advocate for paid family leave.
  • CA: A federal judge ruled that San Francisco’s sanctuary city status cannot be used as a rationale for denying the city $28 million in federal support for law enforcement.
  • A court settlement will give asylum-seeking parents who had their children forcibly taken from them a second chance at safety and security.
  • IL: Former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was found guilty for the 2014 killing of Laquan McDonald, making him the first Chicago police officer in half a century to be convicted for an on-duty fatality.
  • A federal judge blocked the administration’s efforts to end Temporary Protected Status for 300,000 immigrants, keeping contributing members of our communities here for now.
  • More than 50 Temporary Protected Status holders from El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Sudan, Nepal, and Somalia are driving across the country to stand up for  immigrants who could be affected by the Trump Administration’s plan to end TPS.
  • CO: A new group at Colorado State University called Men in the Movement has joined the university’s Women and Gender Advocacy Center to confront gender-based and sexual violence.
  • A new user-created shortcut for Apple iOS 12 allows recording of police interactions with a simple voice command to Siri.
  • WA: The state Supreme Court has struck down the death penalty because, finding it arbitrary and racially biased as imposed.
  • PA: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archeology is hiring Iraqi and Syrian refugees as tour guides in its newly reopened Middle East Gallery.
  • A federal court ruled that immigrant teens held for ‘gang affiliation’ must be given access to evidence and a prompt hearing before a judge.
  • CA: A grassroots coalition of local organizations is creating a bond fund to help free immigrants residing in the Southern California area from detention.
  • MN: Minneapolis Children’s Theatre created a new play called “I Come from Arizona” to spark conversation about immigration.
  • FL: More than 1500 Dreamers and supporters gathered at the United We Dream Congress in Miami.
  • CA: A private network of Latina women shelters immigrant women who are victims of domestic violence.
  • The federal government dropped its appeal of the court order that freed Pablo Villavicencio, an immigrant arrested while delivering pizza to a Brooklyn military base, ensuring that he will remain free while seeking legal permanent residency.

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