US Territories’ February 15-21, 2021 news week in tweets

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US Virgin Islands Delegate Stacey Plaskett discusses the idea of statehood

Delegate Plaskett says a lack of statehood reflects disenfranchisement in the islands. Plaskett adds that territory status remains in place due to a predominantly non-white population. 

First Female American Samoan Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force has been appointed 

Jacinta Migo has been appointed Chief Master Sergeant, encouraging others to be proud of their cultural heritage. Sergeant Migo has served in the air force since 1998. 

The Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment has released a climate change report for Guam

The climate change report shows hotter weather, stronger typhoons, and faster coral bleaching, putting already disenfranchised citizens at greater risk. 

Drone based in Guam helps the United States Monitor the South China Sea.

The Triton Drone patrols the South China Sea, to monitor Chinese activity and to protect Taiwan from potential invasions. 

New stars may be added to the flag of the United States in DC and Puerto Rico gain statehood.

If statehood is granted to the district or the territory, new stars would need to be added to the flag. This change in status would also help bring about equality under the law for residents of DC and Puerto Rico.