Puerto Rico’s February 6-12, 2017 political week in tweets

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Support for Franklin Graham Withdrawn by Puerto Rico Baptists

With his Festival of Hope rally scheduled for this past weekend, Franklin Graham was in San Juan but didn’t receive any support from Baptists in Puerto Rico, who turned their backs on Graham after he endorsed President Trump’s anti-immigration ban.


Puerto Rico Might be the Best Place for Your Startup

If you have a great idea or are thinking of starting a new company, Puerto Rico could be your ideal location to start that company. Hoping to get out of their debt, Puerto Rico is investing time, money, and research into startups coming to the island.


Goldman Sachs President Filling Economic Hole in Trump’s Cabinet

Gary Cohn, former president of Goldman Sachs, is filling a hole in President Trump’s cabinet as a voice of economic reason. Cohn, a Democrat, resigned from Goldman Sachs in December and is now president of the National Economic Council, being summoned to the Oval Office up to five times a day to talk with the president on various economic changes he plans to institute.


US Immigration Arrests 600 People in One Week

In just 11 states, United States immigration agents arrested 600 illegal immigrants, with President Trump saying on Twitter that he was fulfilling his campaign promise with the arrests. Many are nervous that this is only the beginning with the Trump administration, even though the Obama administration deported over 400,000 people in 2012.


Lopez Rivera Returns Unexpectedly to Puerto Rico

After his 55 year sentence was commuted by President Obama last month, Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera was scheduled to be released from prison in Indiana on May 17th. Instead, he showed up unexpectedly in San Juan Thursday to serve the remainder of his shortened sentence on house arrest in his daughter’s apartment.