Puerto Rico’s March 27 – April 2, 2017 political week in tweets

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Government of Puerto Rico’s Talks with Creditors Not Going Well

As discussions with Congress and Governor Ricardo Rossello continue, investors in the island are getting more and more disappointed, learning that the supposed $2 billion they would be receiving back will only amount to about $404 million.


Puerto Rico’s Medicaid to Run Out by 2018

As the Puerto Rican Speaker of the House looks to the United States Congress for assistance in reviving the island’s healthcare systems, one of the key issues to resolve is the probability that Medicaid funding on the island will end by the beginning of 2018.


President Trump Walks Out of Executive Order Signing

Following questions about Michael Flynn testifying against the Trump administration after being fired by them, President Trump and Vice President Pence left the room in the White House Friday where they were to sign two executive orders. Trump later signed the orders away from the press, drafted foridentifying and targeting foreign trade abuses.


Puerto Rico Hopes Private Investments Can Boost Economy

As the island’s debt crisis grows further and further urgent, economists are warning Puerto Rico that for them to stay afloat they need to stimulate their economy and attract private investors. These economists in their proposed fiscal plan say that the island would need to receive $8 billion each year in private sector investment to pull out of the crisis.


Two Democratic Senators Will Vote to Confirm Gorsuch for U.S.S.C.

As hearings continue and the Trump administration awaits the probable conformation of Neil Gorsuch as as a new Supreme Court Justice, Democratic Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota both released statements that they intend to vote to approve Gorsuch as the new Justice in place of the now late Antonin Scalia.