US Territories’ July 8-14, 2019 news week in tweets

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Ricardo Rossello is Refusing to Resign Amid Scandal

Amid a growing scandal of corruption in Puerto Rico, Governor Ricardo Rosselló refuses to resign. Scandalous text messages emerging from Rosselló have only heighted the public pressure for his resignation.

Jeffery Epstein Attempted to Use US Virgin Islands Property to Avoid Checks by NYPD

Convicted sexual predator, Jeffery Epstein, tried to use his private residence in the US Virgin Islands to avoid checks from NYPD. Epstein has come back into the spotlight due to new sex trafficking charges. His legal defense’s use of his US Virgin Islands property highlights the complexities of the territory’s relationship with the mainland.

Scientists Spot Sixgill Sharks in the Santa Rosa Reef South of Guam

Scientist spot sixgill sharks in the Santa Rosa reef south of Guam. The shark species is listed as near threatened, and the spotting sparks hope that their populations will be able to rebound in waters around Guam.

American Samoa Women’s Beach Volleyball Look to Defend Their 2015 Gold Medal in the Pacific Games

American Samoa will trot out a new women’s beach volleyball duo in defence of their 2015 gold medal in the Pacific games. Deveney Pula and Litara Keil have started pool play with victories over the Solomon Islands and Australia as they begin the playoffs.

New Acting Labor Secretary Lobbied for SweatShops in the Northern Mariana Islands

Patrick Pizzella, the new Labor Secretary for the Trump administration, lobbied for sweatshops in the Northern Mariana Islands in the mid 1990’s. The intended hope was to be able to make products at sweatshop prices, but still being able to place “Made in the USA” on the merchandise.