US Territories’ August 23-29, 2021 news week in tweets

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Puerto Rico will undergo more restrictions in effort to control the virus 

Puerto Rio Secretary of Health Carlos Mellado has stated that there will be more restrictions enforced as cases continue to rise. Recommendations have already been given to Governor Pierluisi (NPP, D). 

Students will be returning to school online in Guam

Governer Guerrero (D) announces that there will be no face to face instruction at schools grades Pre K-12. 

US Virgin Islands receives money from FCC for Telecare

The US Virgin Islands Healthcare received $416,002 for virtual monitoring system purchases in order to reduce physical contact between patients and health staff. 

Approval of higher child tax credit in Northern Mariana Islands

The increase of the child tax credit from $2000 and $3000 per child ages 6-17 has been approved by the American Rescue Plan Act. 

$3.1 million given by FEMA for Fagaima Flood Mitigation project in the American Samoa

FEMA provided federal funding for a project to construct a drainage system in the village Fagaima of American Samoa, which has been affected by storms. The grant will cover 37% of the project.