Delegate San Nicolas meets with Vice President Harris to discuss Guam relief and recovery

by Nov 24, 2021Congress, Federal Government, Guam0 comments

Joining four other members of leadership in the Congressional Asia Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), Delegate Michael F.Q. San Nicolas (D) met with Vice President Kamala Harris (D) to discuss Guam’s relief, recovery, and the building back better of America.

“While expressing Guam’s gratitude for the historic inclusion of Guam and our Territories in relief and recovery efforts, we made it a point that the lack of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) on Guam exacerbates our pre-existing conditions that make Pacific Islanders more susceptible to COVID-19 mortality,” said Congressman San Nicolas.

“The Vice President emphasized taking note of the issue, and shared how the American Jobs Plan would also add to SSI by providing an addition $400 Billion to expand home care and elder care support for people with disabilities,” Delegate San Nicolas added. “We are excited for the opportunity to enlist the voice of Vice President Harris behind the mission of bringing SSI to Guam and our Territories, and hope she will help us champion this necessary and fundamentally American provision for our people,” San Nicolas said.

SSI is a federal support program for people with disabilities, affording them a monthly stipend for cost of living needs and to fund caregiving expenses.

The meeting was part of the CAPAC agenda to advocate for Asian American and Pacific Islander goals, wherein Delegate San Nicolas is Chair of the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Task Force.