How Pasquines uses your contributions to publish the context of islands

by Nov 30, 2021Headlines0 comments

As a nonprofit news organization, Pasquines relies on the generosity of our readers to help sustain us in our mission to publish the context of islands. Since 2013, we have published over 1,400 articles covering the news of the United States’ unincorporated territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, the United States Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

And our work is making an impact: since our founding, our articles have been read by over 190,000 users from across the world. In fact, our top five cities by traffic are New York, San Juan, Washington, DC, Miami, and Chicago, with a quarter of our readership being in the 25-34 age group.

So how do your contributions make an impact? Simple: they help us sustain the operational costs of running a website that can handle our levels of traffic, domain costs, and other tools necessary to maintain our online presence. Thanks to our nonprofit status, fiscally sponsored by the Open Collective Foundation, we are able to take advantage of discounted or free tools that make our work possible, ensuring your contributions are used in the most efficient way possible.

In addition, as part of OCF, we are committed to a transparent, publicly available budget. In the coming months, we will be strategizing ways to use our available funds in ways that enable us to expand our work, reach more audiences, and enhance our existing programs.

Our mission is to end the insularity between the United States and its territories and to inspire the inclusion of these citizens in all critical considerations. In doing so, we also provide a training workshop for aspiring journalists, help educate key stakeholders about the conditions of the territories, and also serve as an innovative journalism workshop that explores new methods of informing the public.

After more than eight years of publishing news, we look forward to the future with excitement about new possibilities, and we can only do so, with your support.

So join us as together, we give the context of islands.